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Does My Vehicle Comply with New Zealand rules?

There are many different rules / legisations NZTA requires each vehicle to comply to. This is why you need to use MAGNUM. We are the experts and we know what will or will not comply.

Give us a call before you send or purchase your vehicle. 

New Zealand Transport website www.LTSA.govt.nz can be used for more information. However we are more then happy to try assist you so give us a call on 0508 4MAGNUM


How long does the compliance process take?

Once we receive your vehicle it takes a full day for the inspection process. However with peaks of large shipments arriving this can make the process take 2-3 days. Please contact us and advise us when your vehicle is due to arrive so we can expect it on that shipment and have paperwork at the ready.


What paperwork do you need to comply a vehicle?

Usually the three documents we always require are as follows:

  • Proof of ownership in the previous country or D-Reg Certificate
  • Bill of sale / receipt of purchase
  • Bill of lading (supplied by your shipping agency)

 Ideally we need the originals of these documents.


How does the compliance process work?

Once we receive your vehicle we carry out what is called Entry Certification/Import Compliance inspection. 

Once this inspection is complete and your vehicle has passed we can issue the Warrant Of Fitness sticker & a document called "MR2A. This document is what you need to purchase your Plates & Vehicle Registration. You can purchase your plates & registration from VINZ Columbo St (5mins drive away). 

When you return with registration & number plates we will fit them to the vehicle. 

If your vehicle does not pass the Compliance inspection we can assist you to carry out the repairs as required. We have technicians on site to carry out any mechanical repairs. We can even assist you with any structural repairs if required



What if my vehicle has been in an accident?

If your vehicle has been in an accident before you imported or requires accident repairs, then we will need to engage a Repair Certifier to create an Repair Certificate. This repair certificate will be used in conjunction with our Entry Certificate to assure the previous or repairs required are carried out as per manufacturer guidelines.

If a Repair Certificate is required then we can assist you through this process.

NOTE: there are additional costs for this Certificate. Speak to our staff to know more.